Monday, 19 May 2008

Going to the chapel..

Sorry for the very long break.
Suresh is now here with me in Aberdeen and I have been well.. very busy.
Also as you might remember, I no longer can post in the office so I have abandoned my blog.
But here I am to announce that we are so happy together and next year we are going to get married!
I have already started looking for venues, and we have visited one nice hotel to assess its suitability. I know it's early days but everyone wants to get married in summer and the sooner we book it, the better.
We will have a civil ceremony followed by a wedding breakfast. They call it that not because it's eggs and bacon, but because bride and groom are supposed to fast the day before, or something like that.
So excited already!
I also went to Milan last month because my best friend ever got married there and I was her witness.
Work has been ok. The excitement of the first days is gone and I am fine there. When I have a good project I enjoy it a lot, but when not.. I get so bored and I can't even blog ha!
I took 5 swimming lessons at the gym and I am very proud of myself. Before that, I couldn't even smell chlorine without feeling frightened and now I can do breast stroke with my face in the water but with a float device :)
I have taken to yoga with my Suresh who loves it and is great at it.
We have our ups and downs, mainly about food, him being a strict vegetarian and me salivating by seeing a lamb running.. too gross?
TV.. oh my God.. I miss seeing what I wanted. Now it's a compromise always. He can see Star Trek at 9 if I can see House at 10.
But all in all, I am much better than last year and next year.. we are getting married!
Will keep posting the latest news.
Thanks to you all, especially Fned who just came back from Japan. Wow girl, impressed!


Fned said...

Uhm.... HELOOOOOOO?? I thought you had dropped out of the face of the earth!!!!!

CONGRATS GIRL!!!!!!!!! I loooooooove hearing all about weddings so blog away to your heart's desire!!!

Glad the job is going fine and the workout sessions even better. Also, I love that Suresh and you have gotten into the rythim of living together. When André and I moved in together I thought it was going to be really strange and stressful (at the time we were living in a room room flat!!!). But we ended up living there for 4 entire years and not once did I ever feel crowded or uncomfortable. That's just how it is when you've found the perfect guy!

Keep bloggin' girl! (and get your butt to Paris one of these days!: ;))


Fned said...

Hey girl... just wondering how the wedding preparations are coming and how's life in Aberdeen in general?

Take care,

Anonymous said...


I've just found your blog for the first time and I really loved reading it! I don't know if you're still around as it seems a while since you last wrote but hopefully this message will find you.

My name is Patricia, Im British and I live in the North of England. The reason Im writing is because I am trying to support my husband's reconnection with his Mexican heritage and culture but don't really know where to start. He was born in Mexico to a Mexican dad and an American Mom and lived with his extremely-close family (grandma/pa, aunties/uncles and apparently more cousins then I can believe ;-). However, his mum took him back to America when he was 4 and refused to let him have any contact with his Mexican family. Sadly, and for reasons best known to herself, she refused to let him speak Spanish (he didn't speak a word of English back then), and (without too much deatail) he never retained any Mexican practices or customs or links with, well, anything Mexican really.

I know this bothers him so deeply. We now both live in England and have done for 6 years and he really does love it. However, I know that deep down it breaks his heart that he lost his Mexican heritage and sometimes we speak about rediscovering it, but because he no longer speaks Mexican and knows little about being from such a cultural rich country, he is nervous of embarrassing himself.

I've tried to do my bit - I have done my best to learn how to cook but Im afraid Im probably only scratching the surface with Fajitas (home-made spices, Im proud to say though) and fresh guacamole but, as Im sure you are aware, we Brits don't really have much understanding of Mexico and Im finding it really hard to find where to start.

I know he has a deep, deep longing to "find home" again and would love to hear from you, (or anyone) who could point me in the right directly or tell me of any Mexican Groups, or ... well anything really!

My email address is

Many, many thanks

Diana said...

Hola Anilu
ojala retomaras tu blog. Me encantaria saber de tus experiencias en tu matrimonio y como te fue con su familia. No es muy común tener un matrimonio mexicano-hindú. Nosotros vivimos en Veracruz y aunque ha sido dificil para mi esposo adaptarse a Mexico estamos muy contentos. ¿Que le pareció a tu esposo México?


Musulman said...

I just saw a comment you posted on gori wife life and automatically clicked on your profile and came to your blog. I am so excited to start reading it, it's not so often that I find another mexican girl married to a Desi (as we call indians and pakistanis in US). I am from Guanajuato living in US married to a Pakistani.