Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Settling in Abz again

I haven't written much lately. Since I have a new job where I actually work and blocks access to blogger on the internet, I haven't been able to post from work.

Not only that, I have had to change my whole routine and readjust. I joined the gym closer to my new office and have tried to go every other day. I have had to go back to cooking every day fresh healthy food to resume weight loss since I gained 5.5 lbs in Mexico.

But mainly, I have had to make peace with the idea that I am back here. I miss my family a lot and not having Suresh around yet makes me feel worse. He is right now in Brazil by the way. Working offshore, not in the Carnival! And his work permit might be ready next week so he can give his 30-day notice and finally come to live in Aberdeen by late March.

I feel better now and have got back my momentum so I will go back to writing more often. As everything else, it's just a matter to make time for it.

I have lost only 2 pounds more but I am on track again and have dedicated a few hours (much more are required) to clean the flat and make space for my dear Suresh.

The office is fine. Many friendly people on the same floor but I talk mostly with Etienne. I have been very busy with a project after another but everyone is really helpful and with so many people around, it's easier to ask. Besides, my boss sits in another floor so I don't feel the pressure of someone watching every move I make.

I meet my friends from the other office Carla and Sari every week and last weekend I went out with Lisa who just came back from Malaysia. We will celebrate Chinese New Year this Friday so let's see how it goes.

I still long for Mexico but I know very well there is no way I can live there any more, at least not for now.

So my life seems to be back to normal.

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