Wednesday, 6 February 2008


The next day we were woke up by my mom as usual for breakfast. We had tlacoyos my mom had ordered from Mexico City and drank Coca-Cola which would be a constant habit at my house which by then felt mine again and not only my parents's.

As in the really old times, we decided to hit the road and make a trip to the mayan ruins of Palenque which are 2.5 hrs from Villa. We rode in my dad's van with the dog included.

When we arrived there, we found out dogs were not allowed so my brother stayed outside while we entered the archaeological site. If you haven't been there, you don't know the overwhelming sensation it fills you when you enter. To see a thick jungle and a few steps ahead to find he Inscripciones Temple. The tallest and more imponent on the site that used to house the tomb of King Pakal.

The picture shows Suresh and I at the top of this pyramid.

It is no longer allowed to climb this pyramid or go deep down to see the actual tomb, but we could take pictures from ground level. There we lost another one. My father decided that was it for him, so he chose a nice shaded spot to lie down and wait for us. Just like that. So my mom, 2 siblings, Suresh and I continued the visit. We saw other pyramyds and headed to the Queen Bath (river shore where they say the queen used to bathe) when we lost another one. My mom announced she was tired and wanted to join my father so we continued the visit.We walked along and climbed a few more pyramyds when we decided to make our way back. I was tired too and it was really hot. We found the other 3 having lunch in a restaurant outside the site and joined them.

On the way back, Suresh got to talk a lot with my brother Leo (the one with the dog) who has a good English, quite American accent though. Also we almost had an accident when a pick-up overtook us from the right and decided to take a U-turn suddenly. Quite scary but the van's brakes worked and nothing happened.

We went back home, had dinner and went to bed.

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