Wednesday, 6 February 2008

CU and Coyoacan

The very next day after Garibaldi, already a Saturday, we went with my cousin to have breakfast with her father to Vip's. Suresh ordered an omelette and I had a concha (love them) and a milanesa (I was really hungry). After that, my cousin drove us to see her Alma Mater UNAM which is the National University and the oldest in Latin America. I had been there before but I couldn't stop marvelling by its beauty. Then we went to the typical Coyoacan where we had some ice cream and walked around its downtown.

I was sad to leave Mexico City because there were many places we didn't visit, but very excited to finally go home, where I really grew up and to meet my family.

By then I have to note that my intentions to keep my diet had gone to the deepest part in my brain and would remain there until I touched british soil again.

Suresh already knew how to say orange juice "jugo de naranja" with hardly any foreign accent. On the plane I had a Sprite and when they asked me if I wanted ice I just said "poquito porfa". When it was Suresh's turn, he said the same words and I swear the flight attendant didn't even realise he was not mexican. We were very proud.

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