Friday, 11 January 2008


The second day we decided to take it easy. We took the same micros to go to Torre Mayor and we could finally meet my friend Marga. She had undergone surgery recently but she was doing quite well. She and I connected at a different level since she used to live in Norway and understood better my longing for Europe and why I was unhappy in Mexico City.

We met and she was happy to meet the love of my life and we agreed to meet later for dinner.

Afterwards we had more quesadillas and headed to Chapultepec. It had been a while since I visited the Bosque and it amazed me like it did when I was a little girl. We thought climbing to the castle was not the best idea so we looked for the Turibus instead and decided to take a ride around the city. Waiting for it we discovered 2 things: 1) Suresh is not very inclined to visit museums, and 2) People in Mexico City seem to be eating all the time. That is a theory deeply ingrained in him now and even after I explained him long commutes prevent people having lunch at home and having to munch anything on the way. He claims he saw people eating snacks at all times not only lunch time and wasn't 2 PM supposed to be the main meal of the day. Couldn't find more arguments against the statement.

The Turibus was just great. We took route number one that goes to Polanco, Condesa, Roma, Reforma, Centro and of course Chapultepec and we saw the city from above, even places I had never see before so it was nice to see them with Suresh for the first time. And the weather was lovely. I have taken the Edinburgh turibus while raining and very cold, and the Rome one in summer where the sun hits hard, but in Mexico city was a delight to be on top.

Afterwards we went back to Reforma and had a cup of coffee in a Sanborns near Torre Mayor to wait for my friends to finish work and to meet my cousin. We had dinner in a Condesa restaurant which seemed to me a little pretentious and trying to have a bohemian-cool-european concept which was just ok. And so was the end of day 2.

Right now I am back in Aberdeen. I couldn't write much while at Suresh's place because I slept most of the day when he was at work and when he was home I wanted just to be with him. Thanks dear Fned and Canuck for your comments. Will go back to you soon.

I miss my bf too much since I got used to being with him 24/7 but I am happy knowing he will work in Aberdeen soon. We had beautiful days in Stoke as well and yesterday we went to Trafford Centre in Manchester by car using the TomTom I gave him as Xmas present which I have to say is the best invention for direction challenged people like me. You just type Trafford Centre and the bloody gadget chooses a route and guides you visually and orally to your destination. We looved it.

I am also very nervous for my new job tomorrow. I know it will be good but it's the first rush of excitement. How will it be? What about my workmates? Etienne briefed me in an email so at least I know a little but still a little nervous :)


Fned said...

Hey girl,

I agree with Suresh... people in Mexico are snacking all the time, probably because you're always having an "antojo" (se me antojan unas papas, se me antoja una quesadilla, se me antojan unos esquites, se me antoja una cheve...)... but who can blame us? Our antojitos are so delicious I dare anyone to be able to resist them!

And don't get me started on the US! I get the impression americans spend their life eating at fast food joints, and in between snacking on donoughts, cinnamon rolls, sweet popcorn, snicker bars and what not all the while washing that junk down with half gallon cups of sodas! Eiiiiwwww.....

Sorry you're missing your honney right now... I know how it feels... (hubby is currently working on a project where he has to travel to Geneva 2 days a week)... Think about the fun it will be when you'll be living in the same city again.

And in the meantime, crossing fingers on your 1st day in your new job. You'll do great. As the french say for good luck: "Merde!"


CancunCanuck said...

Sounds like you had a terrific trip with your love, glad things went so well! Hope the new job day was grand.

Hope you are with your media naranja soon!