Sunday, 13 January 2008

Puebla - Garibaldi

The oldest friend I have is called Chris and she lives in Puebla. She is not really that old but we have been friends for the longest time, since we were 7. We had been very close friends until we fell out after the Elizabeth affair (which I will discuss later) and she left to study a postgrad in Small Species in Toluca. She is a vet by the way.
When I was living in Mexico City, she had a baby and I could meet her when she was pregnant and after her baby girl was born.Things were never the same between us after the row we had.

We used to be best friends and before her pregnancy, we hadn't spoken to each other for 8 years. We had grown apart and followed different ways, but I believe our friendship is valuable and can be brought back to life.This time she was pregnant again and living in Puebla so I decided to meet her again.

So Suresh and I headed to the TAPO (Coach Station) to take the bus to Puebla. I had told him before that there are no trains in Mexico so for terrestrial travel, we have to rely on buses or coaches as they are called in the UK. He said it was a very clean and well kept station. He also commented that even those deemed poor here dressed well and looked clean, unlike in India where you can find people wearing rags in train stations.So we took the bus and my friend picked us up in the station. I had been worried that she might have forgotten that Suresh was vegetarian and she said she had been worried about what he would eat. In the UK it is always easy to get vegetarian options in restaurants, supermarkets and take-aways, but in Mexico we are not used to the concept. In the end she made some beans (always good), courgette with tomato and onion and mash potato flautas. Very good. Her two girls are gorgeous and her mom was there too so we had a nice time.On the way back Suresh said he felt our relationship was a bit cold (Chris and I). I noticed it too. I felt bad because I do have great memories of us, but probably it would take longer to mend our friendship.We also saw the sunset behind the great volcanoes Popo and Ixtla on the way back :) Then, they played a movie on the bus, dubbed to Spanish of course and Suresh understood what he could and enjoyed it.

When we arrived in Mexico City I called another friend Ari who is chilanga but worked with me in Villahermosa. She has hosted me in her place in Mexico City and once she visited me in Manchester so I consider her a very good friend. She was celebrating a Posada with her boyfriend and other 2 friends in a hotel in Polanco so there we went. It was around 8 but they had been drinking for a while. The guys were a little closed with Suresh but when after his attempts to speak Spanish and drink tequila at their rate, they loved him and became best friends, in the deep kind of way only alcohol sharing brings.

I didn't have mucha chance to talk to my friend Ari and the guys kept insisting we should go to Garibaldi. When I said it was not a good idea, they called Suresh "mandilon", condition he accepted as his fate :) In the end we just drove near Garibaldi and pulled over to have a mariachi sing 5 songs for us on the sidewalk. It was lots of fun and Suresh was delighted on how we Mexicans are so open.


Fned said...

Hey ya girl!

You mean to tell me you were in Puebla? MY Puebla??? What did Suresh think about our lovely city?

I agree with you, I've never been to Garibaldi in my life... I guess people scared me too much with horror stories of pick pocketeers and knife vandalism... I do wish I would have taken hubby to see live Mariachi though... he's been to Mexico 4 times already and still hasn't heard great classics like "La Mentira" or "Mujeres Divinas" song by a live, complete mariachi!!! .... :s


Anilú said...

Hi back! Yes we were in Puebla but we didn't see much sorry. I was quite scared in Garibaldi but it's always useful to have chilangos around. Will post more later.. very busy at work :)