Sunday, 20 January 2008

New office

Coming back to the present, my new job has been very busy. The night before I just couldn't sleep. I felt like the first day back to school for a new year. Will I like it? Will they like me? I was also jetlagged so no much sleep then.
I had to wake up early to take a shower and get ready. My contract said I had to be there from 830 to 1730 and I didn't want to be late the first day. The HR manager was not in that day so they called my Line Manager (Process Eng) who had interviewed me. He explained me a few things and then took me to the girl I would be working with (he is too senior). Then she took me around and introduced me to people and took me to my desk. At first I had no email nor internet. I panicked. Was it a wise move to work in a company where you can't even use internet? Then my computer was new and all but I have no privileges on it. I can't install or uninstall and I can't even change the appearance of the desktop.
Good thing is that Etienne sits exactly behind me so it's not very different than my other office. The people around seem very nice and friendly.
Well, I was still adjusting, I got some information for a project where I had been nominated as the originator of a Basis of Design. Wow! Work on the very first day. That has would keep me occupied.
The next day I managed to get email. I went with a Subsea guy to meet a client and it was just nice to feel I could do so much and being valued. I admire a lot my previous boss, but he always treated me like a little girl and he never allowed me talk to clients. Now I was there alone asking questions and giving my inputs. It felt really good.
The next day I got internet access but realised I didn't have access to blogger or facebook. They are blocked and so I won't be able to post my blogs from the office. I can write and post it later but I have been really busy these days. I will try to post faster to keep recounting my marvelous trip to Mexico.
This Saturday I went to a party organised by my ex workmates. It was great to see them again and we spent some time playing Singstar on Playstation which is like karaoke. I beat all but ibe girl. Who knows. Next year I can apply to the X Factor (like American Idol with the same Simon Cowell but with Sharon Osborne instead of Paula).


Finally Woken said...

Hey, welcome back, it's been a while since the last time I stopped by here. How's Mexico treated you? I'm just back from Indonesia - 6 weeks holiday! - last Saturday, and I miss the hot weather already. Greetings from cold Aberdeen :)

Anilú said...

Thnx! Mexico was brilliant and welcome back to cold Aberdeen. You took quite a long holiday and hope you have truly enjoyed it.

Fned said...

Hey girl! Thanks for commenting on my blog... I too check the Mexico in UK blog everyday.... so update already! ;D We wanna hear how things are going at the new job, what's up with Suresh and how life is going in general for the mexican lady living in the UK!!! =)