Saturday, 5 January 2008

Great holiday

I am literally having the time of my life. I am right now in Plaza Forum in Cancun and my Suresh and I are checking some emails. Will go back to update on the whole trip. Thanks to my dear bf who kept a diary of every single day to help me recall what we have done. It has been really great and I dread the way back home. I might even post some pics. Take care and the best for this new year. I will be back in cold and grey UK on Tuesday.


CancunCanuck said...

Anilu, I am so glad you are having fun despite the lousy weather! Enjoy my "home" town and I look forward to a report thanks to Suresh's diligent journaling of your trip. Safe journeys!

Fned said...

So glad Suresh and you are enjoying your trip... can't wait to hear the details (and definetly post pics!)...

It's funny, I'm flying back to Paris on tuesday too!

So depressing to be back in the green below zero temps when here I spent New Year's in a spagetti straps top!!!

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