Monday, 10 December 2007

Mexican Christmas dinner

On Saturday I did some shopping and at night I had a Mexican Christmas dinner. There aren't many of us but it was a good chance to see some friends like William who studied a PhD in the University of Manchester like me, Marina who is married to a Scottish, with a girl and originary from Tabasco like me and Luz who studies English with me.
I met another girl who is married to a Scottish and was good fun and a couple from Monterrey and Mexico City.

Usually when we are abroad we tend to look for people from our country and feel connected in ways we will never be with other people. But there is a limit. This couple is the kind of people I would never befriend in Mexico. They were overbearing, making constant fun of my friend William, banter if you want but so constant and loud was annoying. They seemed to me too cliche of what I ran away from in Mexico. He studied in the Tec, a posh private university and lived in Villahermosa. The facts I disliked about them were:
1. Since he lived in Villahermosa, he claims he knows high people and has been to all the cool nightclubs. Ok, not too bad.
2. She dismissed my opinion of Mexico City and why I left it. First sign of "only my opinion counts".
3. She was quick in criticising my relationship with Suresh saying how could we still be together and his family would never let us be happy. Ok, we have family issues but you don't go around telling people you just met that their relationship is doomed.
4. He said he'd rather die than be seen in Primark. Primark is a cheap clothing retail and I am not ashamed to buy some things there.

So all in all, it just reminded me why I am not in Mexico. Why I'd much rather have a meaningful life not caring whether I am friends with rich people, or have the latest car, or appear in the social pages of newspapers, or pretty much the opinion of people I don't care.

I have a loving boyfriend who shares my vision of the world and we definitely don't need this kind of people.

I will know I am approaching Mexico when at the gate to take my flight home I start hearing: "no mames wey", "que poca madre", "papi me dejo de mandar lana", etc in the most fresa tone you can (as if you had a potato stuffed in your mouth).

Mexico is much more than that and I need to be there with my people to recharge for a new and exciting year.


Fned said...

I think it's a combination of two things:

1/ When you leave your country you continue to grow (both profesionally and personally), but just in a different parallel direction than the people you left behind so at some point this creates a shock and when you bump in to people that did continue to grow in that environment the differences in attitude are flagrant.

2/ When you live with someone from a different culture your own perspective of your country and your people changes wheather you like it or not. You acquire the power to analyse from an exterior point of view the good things that you had taken for granted as well as the stuff that makes you glad you left.

I think that the people that you invited to your party were either people that have not been in Europe long enough for them to shed the old "mexico fresa" ways that to them may still seem "so cool" but here only makes them look ridiculous and stupid.

Or else, they are people that have not found a way to properly "integrate" and have stayed in a tight Mexican expat circle where they continue to live as if they were in Mexico when in fact they are not.

It's sad too because that means they are probably missing out on the whole point of living in a different country: to analyse the good and the bad of another culture and thus become a wiser and more tolerant person as you continue your path in life.

Anilú said...

Fned you are very right and it does create a shock when I come back.
Nice seeing you around.


Anonymous said...

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