Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Interview or not

Wow, my weekend was really great. I enjoyed a lot being with Suresh. I feel I love him more than ever.
We didn't do much. I am not exactly a wild party person or an outdoor person for that matter, and what we enjoy more when we are together is do the normal routinary things a live-in couple usually have. Have breakfast, do the dishes, have tea, see telly, just ordinary things.
On Friday after work, I arrived home to find him in. He had been seeing the last episodes I downloaded of Heroes season 2. We had dinner and went out to see a movie. Darjeeling Limited. Not very impressed but India was depicted more or less accurately (or so my own indian says). His only complaint was that a stewardess, even in a luxury train, would not have such an understandable accent in English and of course wouldn't sleep around. I choose to believe him.
On Saturday we had lunch in an italian restaurant in front of the Union Terrace Gardens. The food was great, so fresh you could actually taste the ripe tomatoes, basil and olive oil.
At night, we went out with our Malaysian friend Lisa to a pub with some of her friends. On Sunday, we just took a walk around the centre and had some coffee at Cafe Nero, then packed up to go to the airport.
So sad to see him leave. So excited we will meet in 2 weeks to go to Mexico.

Back in the office, the cleaning my desk hasn't seen much progress. I had been told I had to interview a new prospect for Project Management and therefore I was preparing for it, studying her CV and figuring out what to ask. It was going to be in half an hour but just a few minutes ago, the Recruitment lady came to tell me the Management decided it wouldn't be suitable that I carry out the interview and she would do it herself. I felt bad. I mean, I am still part of the company, aren't I? I had invested time in this and was looking forward to it, but now I won't make it.

Anyway, in a much brighter subject, Suresh received a call from our agent saying the interview went very good and he was going to receive an offer these days. So excited! We still don't know how much they are willing to pay or the terms and conditions but it is a great step for our life together.

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Anita said...

Hi, just dropped by to say hello. Mexico and Indonesia should have a lot of things in common i.e. spicy food! Hope you enjoy Scotland, I'm still adapting, trying to wear appropriate clothes according to the constantly-changing weather. Cheers :)