Monday, 10 December 2007

Graduate training

Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were dedicated to something more useful than surfing the net in my office. We had a graduate training course and although I finished my bachelor degree (or licenciatura because if I say career meaning carrera, it is a very different thing) 8 years ago, I was classified as graduate. It had to do with the fact I have been more involved in Flow Assurance than core process activities and therefore I was happy to take it.
It started quite well and I learn one or tow new things. The organiser is an australian girl who has worked for the company for a long time and is knowledgeable and approachable. The other guy who presented some topics is from Glasgow, I can hardly understand what he says because apparently opening your mouth to enunciate is far from his gasp, and he is rough and unapporachable. I haven't liked this guy since I started in the company and I think is the one I will certainly not miss.
But then on Thursday it was my turn. I had a 1-hour slot to present my specialisation subject. Oh God, I enjoyed it a lot. When I finished Uni (yes, 8 years ago), my first job was as an English teacher and a couple of my students worked for the Petroleum Institute so they introduced me to a project leader and got my first engineering job. But I didn't leave my English school so for 4 years (more or less) I spent every Saturday teaching the advanced and proficiency levels of English. It is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had and to be in front of a small audience made me repeat the nice feeling of being a teacher.
I don't want to show off, but I think they enjoyed my presentation because they even clapped at the end of it and the organiser told me I had very good feedback.
On Friday was the last day and they didn't mention my resignation in the final meeting. Anyway, I think I have done a good job and told everyone I could about it.

Then we had a Secret Santa. This is not to be confused with the Amigo Secreto we have in Mexico. The person you are to give a present is chosen in the same way but they will never know you are the one giving the present. I think this is not fair. In Mexico not only you give a big present on the designated day, but you spend the previous days leaving notes or candies to your "secret friend" and the last day you announce who was your friend and everyone hugged and thanked, or not because you didn't like your present, but at least you knew who did it.
Here, since your secret santa is never announced, you never know who to thank or even hate if you get a crappy present and I have seen this happening a lot.
My present last year was a simple mug. This year I got a shower gel and body spray which Suresh thinks I got because I might smell. Just kidding. Ah! and a box of chocolates which I won't eat and will go directly to my family in Mexico.
I bought a very nice present consisting of a USB fed mug warmer and mini vacuum cleaner. I would have loved to receive that as a present, but my receiver wasn't there to open it.


CancunCanuck said...

Glad things are ending on a positive note at your job. I'm sure the family will appreciate the chocolates too, yum!

You mentioned teaching advanced and proficiency English, by any chance did you work for Harmon Hall? The terminology is the same, just curious!

Anilú said...

Yes, it was Harmon Hall Villahermosa! I even took double shifts on Saturday. Is it where you work as well? Do they still have Mac instead of PC?

CancunCanuck said...

Yes, I've been at HH for 3 1/2 years now. And yes, I am currently on the stupid Mac in the lab, lol!

It's a small world, isn't it? :)