Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Frosty morning

It is freezing here and not just figuratively but very literally. If you read the weather in Aberdeen (right side), it is -3C at 10 AM.

I lived most of my life in Villahermosa where the average temeperature is 32C peaking at 39C some times, and at 19C people wear their fancy jackets because it's getting cold.

But here I am now. You know in Physics class how they explain that darkness is just absence of light and cold just the absence of heat? Believe me, when I left home in the morning I literally felt the absence of something. Cold gets you, surrounds you and you feel like walking in the nothingness of space.

I may be exaggerating a little but today I really felt cold. There were tiny pieces of ice on the road and small ponds of last night rain were covered by a thin film of ice. When people talked, a cloud of white vapour could be seen from their mouths and if I stopped walking, my feet and hands got numbed. It's not the first time I see it, but the first this year and I actually paid attention.

I thought that for many people Christmas time means snow and scarves and cold. But for me Christmas is still having dinner at 11 PM with the air conditioned on and able to wear a vest (tank top) and sandals if I want. And my mom trying to get us to go to mass, and I in charge of tasting the spaguetti before anyone else to test the amount of salt in it, and the fireworks all neighbours start at exactly 12 PM lasting for hours.

Can't wait to be home.

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