Thursday, 13 December 2007

23 pounds

Last night was mi last weigh-in of the year achieving a grand total of 23 pounds lost in 3 months. It is a great achievement and I still have some more to go. My leader congratulated me in front of everyone and gave me a stocking full of WW chocolate bars and candy adding up to 9 points instead of 30 it would usually have.
I can't wait for my mom and others see me in Mexico. My clothes are loose now and I have managed to get into a size 14 again. I hope I can behave in Mexico.

My friend Etienne is not here today. Yesterday was his last day and he just left. He will start working next Monday and the following week he will be on holiday. I will meet him next year (in the new company) and I asked him to bring from France one of the bags from Monoprix my friend blogger Fned talked about in her blog from Paris (was it cheeky or confianzuda Mexican?).

The weather is not as bad as on Tuesday, quite windy though, but not freezing nor raining.

Suresh's visa to Brazil is not ready and he asked for his passport back so we can travel on Tuesday. I am very relieved because this means he will come back with me. Well, let's see. So far the plan has changed:

Original Plan: I fly to Birmingham on Saturday with 1 checked bag (the other already in his house), we spend some time together in Stoke and take the train together on Tuesday early morning to Birmingham airport. Fly to Amsterdam to take the next flight AMS-MEX.
On the way back, we fly from Cancun to Mexico City, then to Amsterdam, then to Birmingham where we take the train to Stoke together and I spend a few days there before starting in my new job.

Plan No. 2: Since the incomoda cousin appeared, I am no longer welcome in Suresh's flat so I fly to B'ham on Monday evening, Suresh joins me and we spend the night in the airport hotel. On the way back, we arrive in B'ham and he alone takes the train back to Stoke with one of my bags, then I take the flight back to Aberdeen with one bag only.

Plan No. 3: The way to Mexico is the same but Suresh stays in Mexico City one more day to take a flight to Brazil for work (no Rio Carnival) and I come back alone with my 2 bags. What a dilemma now. I can't change my flight (cheapest fare means no changes), buying a new ticket from Amsterdam to Aberdeen is 500 euro (too expensive), what to do.

Plan No.4: Go back to plan 2. I am so relieved. It's not that I am so jealous I don't want to leave him alone in Mexico City for one night, but it gives me a better peace of mind to think he will be with me till the end.

Just now I am back from a nice lunch with my friends Carla and Sara from the office. We went to a pub and I had Xmas turkey. They had soup and salad because they said I am like their WW leader and didn't want to disappoint me. It was quite nice and I will surely miss them when I am in my new job.


Fned said...

You go Girl!

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS! I get euphoric just loosing 2 kilos I can't imagine what a wonderful feeling it must be to loose 23 whole pounds!!!

I agree, spend as much time with bf as possible... besides, travelling is always so much more fun when you do it with your loved one...

Don't forget to introduce Suresh all our fun traditions: piñatas, posadas, pozole ....

Felices Fiestas!!!

P.S. If Etienne has any trouble finding those monoprix bags give me a shout... I'll be happy to send you as many as want... Anything for the girl that introduced me to!!!

CancunCanuck said...

Felicidades on your weight loss, way to go! You've got a big trip coming up, how exciting! Are you just changing planes in Cancun or do you get to spend some time on the beach? :)

Anilú said...

Thanks Fned, I will give you a shout if Etienne forgets about me and I really want him to know all about our country. Mexgrocer is a blessing.

Canuck, I can't leave the chance to spend time in Cancun. We'll be in one of these fancy all-inclusive hotels, trying to indulge ourselves before back to reality in Scotland.

Thanks both on the congrats for the weight loss. So thrilled!

Anilú said...

When I say him, of course I mean Suresh, not Etienne. I should proofread before publishing