Friday, 30 November 2007


I did it. I saw the director alone and nobody was around him so I just sat in front of his desk and told him I was leaving.
he said he was disappointed but he understood why I was leaving and he was sorry he couldn't get me more work. He said he could not promise any project to start soon and that he had no option but to let me go.
He felt sad that I was going to the same company as Etienne but I told him how our negotiations had been independent and that company was the best in town for my career development.
I felt so sad and relieved at the same time. I felt like crying when I told my friends in the office.
There is a "state of the nation" next Friday and I am sure he will announce it then.

By the way, state of the nation is like a presidential inform in Mexico and it is like the final meeting in the year where the company addresses the employees with a summary of activities and results in the past year.

Now, to prepare for my departure. The saddest thing will be to clear my desk. :(

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